Back Country Camping – Algonquin: Tim Lake

Algonquin Park was the first provincial park in Ontario. As one of the largest provincial parks, it is diverse and offers a vast landscape of rocky ridges, thousands of lake, ponds, and streams. The park has more than 2,000 kilometers of canoe routes and over 1,900 campsites. The camping is split up in two categoriesContinue reading “Back Country Camping – Algonquin: Tim Lake”

Packing For: Back County Camping

We are hoping that the Covid-19 pandemic will not totally ruin the summer. Being quarantined means more time to blog. Let dive right into what we usually bring for our back country camping trips. When we say back country its camping on crown land and not in a camp ground. To get to many ofContinue reading “Packing For: Back County Camping”

McDonald Lake/McCrae Lake

Being from Ontario, we have amazing opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it be camping, hiking, fishing or hunting it’s all here with hundreds of thousands of hectares to explore. An ongoing struggle we and many other adventure enthusiasts come across is avoiding the population – touristy spots. Something Brenda and I both love isContinue reading “McDonald Lake/McCrae Lake”