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Tobermory 2020

As everyone is working through COVID there have been many restrictions put in place. We went to Tobermory to enjoy the local scenery. We specifically wanted to see The Grotto. To get there you drive into the park and need to walk about 20 minutes. You do need to make reservations to get into theContinue reading “Tobermory 2020”

Dogs: Travel Gear

Whether you are travelling to a different country, having a weekend away or just a hiking day trip there is always going to be something you need to bring for your fur baby. They are just as important as us so safety is the number one priority. If you are just starting to bring yourContinue reading “Dogs: Travel Gear”

Varadero Cuba 2018

We decided to take this trip to relax and treat ourselves. We both had not been to an all inclusive resort before. With us being fairly young we decided Cuba be our destination because we knew it was not going to be too expensive. We wanted to do different excursions and see the local towns.Continue reading “Varadero Cuba 2018”


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