Airbnb: C-Can

C-Can on the water C-Can/ Sea Can/ Shipping container… what ever you want to call it. These containers are making a big impact on tiny homes. With the housing market continuously rising people look for alternates. These tiny homes are great because they are extremely durable, inexpensive and usually recycled. Staying in a shipping containerContinue reading “Airbnb: C-Can”


Ecotourism is defined as travel to an area of ecological, geographical, or natural history interest, for the primary purpose of study and education rather than pure recreation. Ecotourist seek to avoid bringing additional pressures upon the region that they visit, and are concerned to ensure that both local human cultures and their environment are enhancedContinue reading “Ecotourism”

Packing For: Back County Camping

We are hoping that the Covid-19 pandemic will not totally ruin the summer. Being quarantined means more time to blog. Let dive right into what we usually bring for our back country camping trips. When we say back country its camping on crown land and not in a camp ground. To get to many ofContinue reading “Packing For: Back County Camping”

Airbnb: Cabin Retreat Utah

Cabin Retreat in the heart of Zion! Cabin #1 Airbnb is an online marketplace for lodging and tourism experiences. They do not own the listing – it acts as a broker who receives commission from each booking. With that being said, airbnb offers unique places to stay as each place is owned by someone else.Continue reading “Airbnb: Cabin Retreat Utah”

Hostel: Bed Bugs or Scabies?

C&N Backpackers – Vancouver, B.C., Canada If you don’t know, a Hostel is a low cost lodging where guests share common spaces including washrooms, kitchens and lounge areas. You can usually find bunk beds in the rooms. Private rooms could also be available. What makes a hostel different from hotels and motels is that theyContinue reading “Hostel: Bed Bugs or Scabies?”

Gift Guide for Her: Adventurist

The adventurist women in your life could always use something to make her adventures better. Here are 24 things to get her that she hasn’t thought of her self. 1. Carry on/ Weekend Bag $26.50 2. Wireless Hair Iron $143.50 3. LED Travel Makeup Mirror $26.99 4. Foldable Pet Bowls $10.99 5. Heated Socks $99.99Continue reading “Gift Guide for Her: Adventurist”

Gift Guide for Him: Adventurist

Lets be honest. Men are hard to buy for.. no matter the occasion they seem to have everything. Here’s a list of items that your man may want if he enjoys the outdoors and travelling. 1. Portable Luggage Weight Scale $9.99 2. Portable Stainless Steel Silverware $16.99 3. Scratch Map $28.99 4. Microfiber Travel TowelContinue reading “Gift Guide for Him: Adventurist”