Hiking for Beginners

  1. Dont be afraid to take breaks

As you build your your cardio you will not have to take as many break but don’t be afraid to stop. Enjoy the view and have some water. There is no rush.


2. Take your time

In relation to taking breaks you should also take your time. If the recommended time for a hike is 3-6 hours; give yourself the 6 hours. It may not take that long but you’ll have time to stop and enjoy the views. If you are in a National Park then it will most likely be busy and you’ll have to wait for other people.

3. Pack light

Packing light is important. We recommend looking into a 15L-30L back pack. You can pack your essentials; including water, snacks, map, light, sunscreen, first aid and a knife. Make sure you are not bringing too many extra lights. It will add up and slow you down.


4. Wear the right shoes

The shoes you wear will make a difference. Shoes that do not fit or they’re not good quality will make a difference and it will mostly ruin your hike. Look into different typed of shoes that will work for yourself.

5. Drink water

This might sound silly but this is important especially if its warm or the sun is out. You can get dehydrated quick.


6. Know your path

Before leaving make sure you know the path you will be taking. The last thing you want is to get lost. Bringing a map is always a good idea.

7. Don’t forget the essential 10

Take a look at the 10 essentials for day hiking.

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