Tobermory 2020

As everyone is working through COVID there have been many restrictions put in place. We went to Tobermory to enjoy the local scenery. We specifically wanted to see The Grotto. To get there you drive into the park and need to walk about 20 minutes. You do need to make reservations to get into the park as they are only taking 50% capacity. We tried booking about a week in advance for the weekend and the only time that was available but 4:oopm on Friday. The pass is only valid for 4 hours as well. It looked like there were people that were biking in that were not getting stopped; so if theres no reservations see if you able to bike in.


We got there and put on our bathing suits because we knew we were going into the water. The water there is Lake Huron which always seems cold. We stopped first at Indian Head Cove and swam there for a bit. It was busy but everyone was respectful and kept their distance. We walked over to The Grotto and climbed down. You could go around the water side and well or swim around.

There is a under water tunnel that will take you from Indian Head Cove to the Grotto. The tunnel is about 10 feet under water and about 30 feet long. It will take anywhere from 30-50 seconds to complete it. Its recommended that only experienced swimmers try it.

Around the area there are a couple diferent levels of cliffs that you can jump off of. Beginner jumps start between 15-20 feet. There are medium jump from 25-45 feet and the highest cliff is 70 feet.

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