Not sure what to write about?

With the times being difficult right now – we cannot travel anywhere. That does not mean you have to stop posting on your blog. See some things you can write about or keep up with when your not traveling.


Old Trips

  • Packing list
  • Day to day itinerary
  • Update old posts
  • Photo Diary
  • Accommodations
  • Horror Story

Back Country Camping: Photo Diary

“If you can survive camping with someone, you should marry them on the way home” – Yvonne Prinz Lake Superior Provincial Park – Year 1 McCrae Lake – Year 2 French River Provincial Park – Year 3 Where should we camp next? Comment your recommendations.

Airbnb: C-Can

C-Can on the water C-Can/ Sea Can/ Shipping container… what ever you want to call it. These containers are making a big impact on tiny homes. With the housing market continuously rising people look for alternates. These tiny homes are great because they are extremely durable, inexpensive and usually recycled. Staying in a shipping containerContinue reading “Airbnb: C-Can”


New Trips

  • Where you want go
  • Yearly goals
  • What you are planning next

2020 Goals

Starting a new year makes starting goals a little easier. We wanted to share some of our goals so we stay on track. If you have any tips and tricks on how to achieve our goals we’d love to hear! Let us know what some of your own personal goals are. Brenda’s List of Goals:Continue reading “2020 Goals”

Our 2019 Trips

We have been thinking of our next trip for quite some time. We have decided to begin with smaller trips year. As of now we have booked a trip in May and August. That is just the beginning. Our first trip is to Utah, USA. We will be hiking through the breath taking Zion NationalContinue reading “Our 2019 Trips”



  • How to get cheap flights
  • Best places to eat
  • Secret city locations
  • Money saving tips
  • Where to stay
  • Pros & Cons
  • Free Activities
  • Successful road trips
  • Recommendations
  • Write about your home town/ country
  • Interviews
  • Product reviews
  • Favorite travel quotes
  • Hiking trails
  • Gift guide

Saving for a Trip

If you’re like us, you cannot be taking lots of trips throughout the year. There’s just not enough time we can get off and money we can save. BUT there are always things you can do to save money. Budgeting is easy but staying on track is hard. First you should write down what youContinue reading “Saving for a Trip”


If you don’t want to post here is always other things you can do to improve your blog.

  • Create/ update your logo
  • Create an email address
  • Open social accounts (Facebook, Insagram, Pintrest, etc.)
  • Change your theme
  • E-commerce

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