10 Essentials for Day Hiking

1. Back Pack

Our day packs vary from 20L to 30L. Depending on what you want or need we recommend close to that size backpack for day trips. You can find day packs that also have a water bladder. You will need a size that will fit everything you want to bring along so its mostly personal preference.

2. Navigation

This is important if you are hiking a new trail or there are multiple paths that cross. Whether it be a compass or a map or both you should ways carry something just in case. Yes, your phone most likely has both of these feathers but you will be SOL if you lose your phone or it dies.

3. Multi Use Knife

As the name points out you can use this for multiple this this is an essential. From cutting up food, using it for first aid, building shelter or just having a fire you cannot go wrong with carrying a small multi use knife. They are lightweight so its not something to just forget about.


4. H20

We all know water and staying hydrated is important. We recommend bring more water than you expect. Depending on where you are and how long you are going out for try aiming for 1L-2L extra. Some people like using water bottles and some prefer water ladders. I – Brenda prefer using my water bladder.

5. Layers

You should bring an extra layer with you for emergencies. If you are starting early it may warm up you you’ll need shorts or t-shirt rather than the pants and sweater you started off with. Could be vice versa if you start later in the day to catch the sun set.

6. Snacks

It is important to pack high energy foods. If you are going for a full day we recommend packing another days worth of food just in case the trip goes longer than expected. Look into trail mix/ nut mixes, energy bars and dried fruit. These are great because they are not too heavy and they do not need to be refrigerated.


7. Sun Protection

This includes sunscreen and sunglasses. When looking for sunscreen you should make sure it protects against UVA and UVB rays. When it comes to sunglasses you should look at getting a decent pair that will protect your eyes. If you wear glasses like myself (Brenda) see if you can get prescribed sunglasses, attachable shades or just wear contacts and get regular sun glasses.

8. Flashlight

Even if you do not plan to explore when in the dark you should still bring some kind of light. You can opt for a hand held flashlight or a headlamp. It is essential to find our you in the dark.

9. First Aid

There are per-assembled kits that you can pick up that have exactly what you need instead of making your own. You should be adjusting the kits to the amount of people that will be on the trip and the length of the trip.

10. Shoes

Shoes are going to make or break your day. I’ve seen people wear full hiking boots, hiking shoes and even people wearing hiking sandals. Depending on the length and difficulty of the hike you may want to choose a different shoe each time.

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