Airbnb: C-Can

C-Can on the water

C-Can/ Sea Can/ Shipping container… what ever you want to call it. These containers are making a big impact on tiny homes. With the housing market continuously rising people look for alternates. These tiny homes are great because they are extremely durable, inexpensive and usually recycled.


Staying in a shipping container was so interesting. It was very beautiful and had everything we needed and more. It was located on the owners property. It faced the ocean which was a bonus and was just minutes from the towns core. We had booked it for 4 nights which gave us lots of time to spend there and really see how it was to live in a tiny home. The owner had so many things for us if we wanted including paddle boards and canoes. There was a great book that they had created for the guests that stay. The book included local attractions that they recommend. These small personal touches really elevate the stay.

It was only us two so we didnt need much. In the container, what they offered was a bed, kitchenette including a cooktop, mini fridge with freezer, small sitting/ dining area, a washroom with a small sink and toilet. There was also an outdoor shower (with warm water) and a patio with a seating area. There was also a parking space included but if you had a large or multiple vehicles there is a parking lot just off the property as it is located right off a park.

On the property the owner has a c-can, a tiny house, and a cabin they rent out. This is such a great area so each building has its own view of the ocean so you really cant have a bad stay. We really dont have anything bad to say and we would 100% recommend staying here if you get a chance!

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