We drive a lot with every trip we take no matter where we go. Its hard for us because all of the places we want to visit are at least 3 or more hours away. We have visited almost every place in our home town so we are now working our way out. We decided to take a little road trip from Windsor to Niagara Falls, to Toronto, to Elora Gorge and back home to Windsor. In the three days we would have been in the car for about 10 hours.

Niagara Falls

When we got there the weather was beautiful. It was sunny and warm. We had booked a room at a hotel close by for one night so we dropped all of our belonging off and drove down to the falls. Good luck finding parking. It is always so busy that there is almost no where to park so we drove around for a bit and luckily enough we were able to find a spot close by. We walked along the water and got to the attraction area. The only other time we had been there was when we were young and did not remember much.


With that in mind we booked the boat tour – Hornblower Niagara Cruises (Maid of the Mist if you are in the United States). This was just an impulse decision and we didnt know what to expect. We received our pink ponchos and put them on just like everyone else. There are two levels on the boats and one is open and the other is enclosed. We of course wanted to go outside thinking that would be the best experience. Turns out you go pretty close to the fall and get pretty wet. We had no idea but thank god for the ponchos.

After our boat ride we decided to keep walking around to dry off and warm up from the sun. We also stopped to enjoy a popsicle, enjoy the weather and people watch. This was a half a day event because we had to drive 3 hours to get there first so we took a break to relax, change and find somewhere to eat. We went out to the local Outback Steak House and had to stop and get a beaver tail – an iconic Canadian classic treat. That night we walked the strip and took a ride in the large ferris wheel. We were also there to watch the fireworks they had over the falls which could be seen from the Canadian or American side.


  1. Wildplay Zipline runs along the Niagara river gorge to the falls and is 670 meters or 2,200 feet reaching speeds of 70+ kilometers per hour or 40+ miles per hour.
  2. Journey Behind the Falls is open all year round where you descend 125 ft by an elevator to two different observation decks.
  3. You can enjoy a ride 175 feet or 53 meters over the falls on the Niagara Skywheel.
Over the falls on the Niagara Skywheel

On the Hornblower Niagara Cruise


We got up and drove from Niagara Falls to Toronto which only takes 1.5 hours. We booked one night in a hotel which was in the middle of a subdivision which was a little strange. We recommend that if you are going to be booking a place to stay make sure that there is a parking spot included because that is one thing we did struggle with. Thankfully we didnt get a ticket parking in the back of the hotel where we dont think we were suppose to go. The hotel wasnt anything fancy but it did the trick.

We did not have any plans for the day just wanted to check out down town Toronto. We decided to walk down and check out Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Scotiabank Arena and the Rogers Centre. We made it down and did not want to wait in line for hours and pay a ridiculous amount of money to be stuck in the building with a lot of people especially children (sorry) and them leave after 30 minutes. We walked down to the water front thinking of going to visit the island but decided to opt out and have lunch on the water front. We walked back to our hotel, picked up some beer on the way and bought tickets to a Toronto Bluejays game. A baseball game is a great way to spend a summer night and buying the tickets the day of is great because they are usually pretty cheap.


We had a couple drinks before leaving and off we went walking back to the down town. Knowing we would feel parched on our walk we brought a drink with us which is only illegal if you get caught. We walked back a different way and took our time to enjoy the night life of busy Toronto.


  1. CN Tower offers a lookout level, 360 Restaurant and the Edge Walk.
  2. Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest museums in Canada.
  3. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada has 20,000 aquatic animals. Book here.

Elora Gorge

Again, we woke up and drove from Toronto to Elora Gorge which is about 1.5 hours. We had brought a tent with us to camp one night and return home the next day. We got to Elora and went our for brunch at a cute little coffee shop (we cant remember the name). We went to the campground and set up our tent then out to explore the Elora Quarry Conservation Area. You can swim here and there are some small cliffs you can jump off. There are larger ones that if you didnt get caught could work as well. When we went it was busy and they were Park Security standing and watching by so no one does jump from them. We spent most of the day there and went back to the camp site once we were getting hungry. We stopped at the store to pick up a little bit of food for the night and cooked on a fire we made. The campsite runs along the Grand River and there are some little trails along the water which we decided to go for a walk.


We had brought an air mattress with us which deflated in the middle of the night which is pretty normal for an air mattress. Unfortunately we both were up and could not fall back asleep. We decided we needed to blow it back up… but it was pouring rain.


  1. Elora Rapids offers easy booking for River Tubing and Bicycle Tour.
  2. Elora Quarry is a conservation area that offers the open water, picnic area and a walking tail.
  3. Camping is one of the most popular ways to stay in the area because of the large Park. Book here.

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