Airbnb: Cabin Retreat Utah

Cabin Retreat in the heart of Zion! Cabin #1

Airbnb is an online marketplace for lodging and tourism experiences. They do not own the listing – it acts as a broker who receives commission from each booking. With that being said, airbnb offers unique places to stay as each place is owned by someone else. Normally, you would have to stay in a hotel which are usually located in the middle of a town or by a busy highway and that is not always what someone is looking for. With hotels the prices do not vary much because they are close in location. This is such a great experience because you can view places that are at different price ranges and also in different locations.

We had booked a cabin through airbnb when we traveled to Zion National Park. With everything so close to the town being expensive we decided to look at other options that are more reasonable. We found this cute little cabin and booked it right away before anyone else could. After booking we really dug into the listing. With that being said we then found out that there was no electricity or running water. We are ones that enjoy camping so that was not really an issue.


The cabin was in a small town called Hildale which is about an hour away from Zion National Park. This worked out find for us because we had to rent a car anyways so we didn’t have a problem with driving. Upon arriving we got lost and could not figure out where we were staying. We finally got there and it was exactly what we needed. A small cabin with a bed, table, propane cooking stove, outdoor shower and fire pit.

We were surprised that there was actually two cabins. Fortunately there were trees between them to help with privacy. The cabin was right near a park so we did have beautiful scenery.


We had booked the cabin for three nights and there were people in the cabin next to us for only 1 night. We had a fire one night so Brenda wanted to wash her hair. So she tried out the outdoor shower which was just a black bag with a switch to turn the water on and off. It was warm and sunny all day to heat up the water but when used … it was freezing. It also got very cold on our last night and we woke up to snow which was a really cool experience. The contrast between the red rock and the white snow was beautiful. Thankfully we had asked to keep the propane heater in the cabin.

Overall this cabin was perfect for what we wanted and would recommend staying here!

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