Facts about Canadian Food

1.Hawaiian pizza was invested by a Canadian; Sam Panopoulos.

2. Chips – All Dressed and ketchup chip are real.

3. You can find a maple syrup reserve in Quebec, Canada.

4. Poutine – fries, gravy and cheese curds.

5. Nanaimo Bar are home to Nanaimo, British Columbia.


6. Pealmeal Bacon (Canadian Bacon) which is the ‘back bacon’ of the pork loin.

7. Canada consumes more Mac and Cheese (Kraft Dinner) than any other nation.

8. Beaver Tails which are just a flattened donut without a hole and can be topped with a variety of sweets were first served in Ottawa, Ontario.

9. Canada consumes the most donuts and has the most donut shops per capita.


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