Weekend In: Collingwood

Weekend get away’s are an easy way to relax and get out of the house. We have been going to Blue Mountain, Collingwood for the past three years. Personally, we both have been wanting to better our skills on the slopes and what better way then a weekend at Blue Mountain.

This area is beautiful with an abundance of activities around. Mainly skiing and or snowboarding in the winter. There are a total of 43 runs ranging from beginner to advanced. On top of that, there is the village which includes many shops, restaurants and cafes. The skating at the top of the hill is also an amazing experience. Blue Mountain really is a one stop shop. With lodging, rentals, shopping, restaurants and a night life you really do not need to go else where.

If you were looking for something different you have the option to snow shoe around the caves and suspension bridge, and you can visit the Scandinave Spa. In the summer there is hiking, biking, golfing, beaches and zip lines.

We always try to take the cheaper option if there is one. You can purchase your lift tickets online where you can save anywhere from $0-$25. We were able to stay at a family members house which helped us because the village and surrounding area can get expensive. We also made all of our meals at home.

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