British Columbia 2019

We made it to Vancouver. First day was to get settled in; rental car, airbnb, food etc. Our accommodation in North Vancouver was perfect for what we needed, a bed and a kitchenette. We were up and out of the house by 9am everyday and only came back around dinner time. With the location of our airbnb we were able to get places very quickly.



Stanley Park – We did not stay long in the park as it was very busy and we could hardly find somewhere to park. We did enjoy all the beautiful scenery, landscape, amazing history of the hallow tree.

Lonsdale Quay Market – The Market was close enough that we were able to walk there. They have so many options of fresh foods including fish, fruit and vegetables and so much more.

Ambleside Park – Having our accommodation so close to town everywhere was easily accessible. With this park being so central is was easy to get to and just relax by the water.

Upper Mckay Creek Park – The parking is very limited so we did have to park in the surrounding neighborhood. It was a beautiful day so it was very busy. The trails were very smooth and easy to navigate which is great for everyone.

Granville Island – This island is very cute and great to kill some time. It is right on the water so you can walk through/ by all the shops and enjoy some fresh food right on the water and people watch.

Capilano Watershed – We stopped at the Capilano River Hatchery and then walked up to the Capilano Watershed. The walk was a steady smooth incline the whole way up.

Horseshoe Bay Boating – This activity was unplanned but so much fun. We were able to go boating with just the two of us and did not need a B.C boating license.

The Second half of our trip was in Squamish. We are people that love to try something new so with that in mind we decided to stay in a c-can (shipping container). This is so unique from anywhere else we have stayed and we couldnt be more happy. The c-can was right on the water and had an amazing view of the Squamish Chief.



Squamish Chief – There are 3 different peaks to this hike. You can take one trail to the first peak and a second trail to the other two. We decided to go to the second peak. This is very steep and difficult but very worth it when you get up there.

Shannon Falls – These falls are small and not much of a hike. This is more of a walk because it is almost flat and very smooth trail. You will not spend more then 15 minutes here.

Whistler Village – The village is such an amazing experience to have because there is everything you can imagine. Shopping, biking, dining, accommodations and so much more.

Joffre Lakes – This is a long and difficult hike. Once you get to the upper lakes it is just breath taking. The water is beautiful and very refreshing if you dare to go in.

Mountain Biking – The surrounding area is full of bike trails which take you anywhere you want. This is such a great work out and mod of transportation.

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