Zion National Park 2019

Zion National Park is in the southwest part of Utah. This park is located about two hours away from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and about two hours away from Las Vegas. The park is known for its beautiful red rock canyons and for the hike called Angels Landing.

Day one was a busy one. Started out at 3:30am (est) to catch our flight at 6:00am (est). Flew from Detroit to Las Vegas. When we arrived it was about 7:30am (pst). Our Airbnb was about an hour away and Zion National Park about two hours away. We went on a small hike called Waterfall Canyon. This was a very uphill moderate hike and with the beautiful sunny weather it was a perfect couple hours.


Day two was a day full of experiences. It was rainy and chilly which doesn’t always make great hiking weather. This was the day we planed to hike Angels Landing. The forecast said rain for the next couple days so we had no choice but to hike in the rain which made it slippery. It was recommended to us not to do the chain part of the hike (google angels landing) in this type of weather so we decided well make an executive decision once we made it up. About 10 or so minutes of the chain part there is another small lookout where we rested and agreed this was far enough because we did not want to risk our lives. The rest of the day was filled with more rain and more smaller hikes because lots of trails were closed for various reasons.

Day three we woke up to snow. The white snow and red rock really complimented each other. The beautiful scenery made it very hard to leave. We decided not to go back into Zion National Park because there was not much for us to do or see and it would be wet and slippery. We ended up at the Hoover Dam and spent the day walking the famous strip in Las Vegas.

Overall our trip was amazing and we cannot wait to go back. If you are debating or not sure where to go on your next trip we 100 percent recommend.


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