Our 2019 Trips

We have been thinking of our next trip for quite some time. We have decided to begin with smaller trips year. As of now we have booked a trip in May and August. That is just the beginning.

Our first trip is to Utah, USA. We will be hiking through the breath taking Zion National Park. I personally have never been in the state of Utah so I am pretty excited as I have been told it is amazing. We have booked a cute little Airbnb which is described as private cozy cabin. From all of the amazing photos posted by the host and wonderful reviews I cannot be more excited. The funny thing is this trip was more a spur of the moment. We had not read that there was no electricity and no running water when we booked it. To be fair there is solar energy that can be used power lights that are provided and the outdoor shower water. In my opinion this is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Lets get down to business… money!

  • Flight round trip (Detroit to Vegas) $307 each Cad
  • Airbnb (2 nights) $160 each Cad
  • Hotel (1 night) $46 each Cad
  • Car Rental w/ under 25 fee (4 days) $135 each Cad

Lets be clear this would be so much cheaper if there was not a fee for car rentals if you are under 25 years old.


Second, our other larger trip is going to be a week long stay in Vancouver and Squamish, British Columbia Canada. I feel like this is going to be an amazing trip. Cannot wait to experience the fresh air, the scenery, the wild life, the relaxed lifestyle and so much more. The Airbnb is described as a tiny house on the water. Turns out the ‘tiny house’ is really a c-can or shipping container (which ever you prefer). This Airbnb will be one of my top favourites and I can already tell. This c-can is right on the water over looking Shannon Falls. Unlike the Airbnb in Utah this has all the amenities you will need.

  • Flight round trip (Toronto to Vancouver) $508 each Cad
  • Vancouver Airbnb (2 nights) $154 each Cad
  • Squamish Airbnb (3 nights) $327 each Cad
  • Hotel (1 night) $46 each Cad
  • Car rental (7 days) $177 each Cad

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